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For this post I have found another YouTube video that I would like to share. Deborah Menelaws explains the various false teachings and deceptions that are infiltrating the church today and why they are wrong.

The Bible tells us that in the end times there will be a great falling away from sound doctrine and these false doctrines would proliferate. This is exactly what is happening now.

Here is a brief overview of the fundamental false doctrines, but please watch the entire video. Deborah explains each is more detail along with Bible references and this information is critically important.

Dominion Theology: Teaches that the church must Christianize the world and set up God's kingdom on earth before Christ will return.

Replacement Theology: Teaches that God is finished with Israel and has replaced her with the church.

Liberal Theology: The opposite of fundamental or Biblical theology where anything goes. Grace is a license to sin and the people change the meaning of the scriptures to make them mean what they want them to mean.

Ecumenism: Promotes the belief that all religions are equal and should work together to promote peace and harmony. This will lead to the one world religion from which the anti-Christ will emerge.

Heavy Shepherding: This has an emphases on strong leadership and uses fear and intimidation to control it's members. Cults usually use this tactic.

Purpose Driven or Emergent Church Movement: This makes the church a social club and neglects to mention sin, repentance or hell.

Prosperity Gospel: Teaches that God wants you to be healthy, wealthy and successful. Led by people who are already very wealthy and encourage their followers to sow "good seed" into their ministries, making themselves even wealthier. They peddle the Gospel for their own financial gain.

Word / Faith Movement: Where you speak something into being. This is alchemy or witchcraft.

Signs and Wonders Movement: Claims that people won't be saved and the church can't grow without these signs that Jesus himself said were the hallmark of a wicked and adulterous generation.

Mysticism / Contemplative Prayer: This was more prevalent in the middle ages but is making a comeback. It uses practices such as labyrinth walking which take you into an altered state of consciousness. In the church it is most often done through repetitive prayer or chants.


In addition to the False Doctrines, there are also Spiritual Deceptions to be aware of.

Religious Deception: They declare people are holy and have man-made rules of righteousness.

Doctrinal Deception: When people leave the simple meaning of God's word, such as saying that you must be baptized to be saved.

Ethical Deception: When people claim the lordship of Christ but they cheat and lie at work or in business.

Moral Deception: The cornerstone of Moral Deception is basically Secular Humanism. If it feels good, do it.

Intellectual Deception: The belief that your opinions or intellect are equal to or superior to the word of God.

Fanatical Deception: The belief that harming or killing others is pleasing to God.

Sexual Deception: A philosophy that rejects God's ordained, monogamous sexual relationship within marriage between one man and one woman.

Mystical Deception: People claim to have dreams, visions and visitations from angels. We know Biblically that this does happen and the Bible tells us that these things will increase in the end times, but it is important to remember that Satan can appear as an angel of light and we must always be on guard against deception.

Spiritual Deception: When Christians become bored with the discipline of the word of God and they begin practices that are contrary to Biblical orthodoxy. This is the Genesis of spiritual deception.


The above video is only 18 minutes long. I highly recommend you watch it. It's well worth the time and will help you identify false teachings so you can avoid them.

If the church you attend is teaching any of these false gospels, get out of there immediately and find a good Bible teaching church. If you don't have a Bible believing church in your area, here are a few online churches I recommend. These are the church YouTube channels with Sunday services, Bible studies and prophecy updates.

The Superior Word

Fellowship Bible Chapel

Calvary Chapel Kaneohe, Bible Teaching Page

Calvary Chapel Kaneohe, Bible Prophecy Page

God's Plan of Salvation

To those of us who are watching, world events are falling into alignment with Biblical end times prophecy like never before in history, and the pace is accelerating.

In His love and mercy, God has provided a way by which you can escape the judgment He is about to bring upon the world, if you choose too...

Learn how you can be saved

The Bible says that many false teachers will arise in the last days and that many people will be led astray. The best way to guard yourself is to know the Scriptures well enough yourself to be able to recognize false teaching when you see it.

Concerning the teaching on this or any other website, I encourage you to search the scriptures for yourself and not just take my word for it. This will help better prepare you to navigate the flood of false teaching that Satan is unleashing upon the world and that will only get worse as we get closer to the end.

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