The Revelation 12 Sign

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There has been much talk lately about the "Revelation 12 Sign" in the heavens that is going to fall into alignment on September 23, 2017.

If you are not familiar with this sign, here is a short three minute video that will give you an overview of it; 

The Revelation 12 sign in 3 Minutes

I have no doubt that we are in the Biblical end times. The number of prophetic signs that are falling into place is overwhelming.

I do have a few issues however in the way many believers are responding to this sign.

I see this sign as another of many confirmations that we are in the end times and Christ will return very soon. However, some people are saying that the Rapture will definitely occur on this date. This is very dangerous. The Bible says that we will know the times and seasons, which are clear, but no one knows the date and the hour.

Back in 2011 Harold Camping did considerable damage with his date setting concerning the Rapture. When his prophesied date came and went, many people, especially non-believers said it was proof that Bible prophecy is nonsense and that all of us who study and follow it are nuts. They took it to mean that the Bible is wrong rather than the correct conclusion, that Harold Camping was wrong.

I am not saying that the Rapture will or will not happen on this date, it could happen at any time. But this could be a sign of another prophetic event that might not be immediately apparent or it could be nothing at all, and with all the hype that has been built up around this sign, I am concerned about what the effect will be when this date passes and nothing apparently happens.

When doing research in preparation to write a blog post on this topic, I came across an article on 'Omega Letter' by Pete Garcia. Pete addresses my issues with this sign so well that I don't think I could add anything to it, so I am just going to link to his article.

Article: The Hope of Glory ~ Pete Garcia


Update: September 12, 2017

Lyn Leahz also shares my concerns about this sign and she has just posted an excellent YouTube video on the subject;

YouTube Video: Astronomer Reveals the Facts About September 23! What Will Really Happen?

Update 2: September 16, 2017

Lyn Leahz has posted an update on her previous video. Please watch;

YouTube Video: Expert Reveals Explosive Information About September 23 & Revelation 12! Part Two

God's Plan of Salvation

To those of us who are watching, world events are falling into alignment with Biblical end times prophecy like never before in history, and the pace is accelerating.

In His love and mercy, God has provided a way by which you can escape the judgment He is about to bring upon the world, if you choose too...

Learn how you can be saved

The Bible says that many false teachers will arise in the last days and that many people will be led astray. The best way to guard yourself is to know the Scriptures well enough yourself to be able to recognize false teaching when you see it.

Concerning the teaching on this or any other website, I encourage you to search the scriptures for yourself and not just take my word for it. This will help better prepare you to navigate the flood of false teaching that Satan is unleashing upon the world and that will only get worse as we get closer to the end.

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